DLB FOUNDATION is a non profitable registered organization, which has been working in the field of human welfare for the past ten years. Various projects such as Clean & Green drive, blood donation camps, sanskar camps, antim darshnika, Cancer detection camps, eye donations, etc. have been taken up by the organization to realize its dream of making Jaipur The Best City of The World by 2020.

Our Aims and Objectives

Our aim is to transform Jaipur into one of the best cities of the world so that its residents live in good quality. We wish to make it a model city for others to follow in India.


1. Make Jaipur Clean and Green.

2. Enroll and welcome all residents, who are city's greatest assets, and encourage their involvement in projects to achieve the mission

3. Have no deaths in Jaipur due to blood loss

4. Zero down the waiting list of the eye recipients.

5. Generate health awareness programs, including cancer.

6. Make Jaipur free from crime, traffic accidents and jams, water and electricity shortage and preventable diseases.