DLB FILMS (P) Ltd. Producing "YEH HAI INDIA", follows the story of a 25 years old NRI, who is born and brought up in U.K and shares the same stereo type views of India, which is known for its vast population, pollution and poverty.

However protagonist finds new development in media or probably an 'other side of same coin' of India, which is also known for successful mars mission in first attempt, a nation which proudly holds the title 'God of Cricket' for Sachin Tendulkar, who is again an Indian and a nation which is known for its holy generosity with icons like Mother Teresa.

So the crux of this plot comes when this man visit his mother land for the first time in 25 years and finds the factual difference between a real India which is known for its good and successful deeds or a India which is known as a country of 'Snake Charmers' in west.

So we selected this subject for presenting India on a world map.

Concept is originated from real life experiences, which covers the area like the way western people see India, the way NRI see our country and the way Indians see India.

We are trying to present a sensual India as it is now, its achievements distinguish contribution to the world.

"YEH HAI INDIA" is the registered title for our very frist production under the banner of DLB films (P) Ltd.

We thrive for excellence and believe in making a cinema with a difference.